Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gulfport Mission Trip - 5

Before construction can ever begin, the flooded/damaged home must be removed. Some of the residents we worked with lost their homes due to rain after the roof had been blown off by the wind. They may have had black mold growing, making it unsafe for habitation, or the home may have been blown off of concrete pillars and damaged beyond repair. Keep in mind, these residents own their property.

At this particular site, our volunteers, Scott and Jimmy worked with a youth group from a community center in Toledo, Ohio. The resident here had been living in a tent, as the second FEMA trailer provided to her was contaminated by formaldehyde and she was only able to stay inside for 5 minutes at a time without becoming ill.

The youth finally over powered the trailer, got it torn down and all the debris stacked into dumpsters. There being a shortage of dumpsters and an obviously high demand, sometimes they had to wait for the dumpster transfer to occur. While the photos are out of order....you can see....they got the job done! Now, construction crews can come in and get the foundation ready and work can begin and this homeowner should be in a new home with in the next 2 months!

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