Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jesus Gives Us The Power To Live Forever!

It was another great day at Oak Hill's Vacation Bible School! We learned about how Jesus died for our sins, and came back to life, and how Jesus gives us the power to live forever! What wonderful Good News! We had a "heavy" discussion about sin in Bible Blast. Including a little conversation about Jesus and Mary and Joseph and all the saints and who was a sinner and who wasn't. You can tell that our friends at St. Margaret's of Scotland are learning their Bible Stories! A lot of our church members send their children to St. Margaret's and their friends and neighbors join us at Bible School. Everyone is welcome and we all learn a lot from each other! We all agreed that Jesus washes away our sins and we can live with him forever!

In Cinema Science we continued our story and learned what the "live forever" formula is!
During Wacky Crafts the Squeaky Beakers made Brainyboppers, and the bigger kids mad a Radical'll have to ask the kids the story that goes with these cute crafts. In Hyperspeed Games more fun was had by all, and we hope the crew leaders were a little dryer.

Test Tube treats didn't disappoint us either, we had cool crosses made with Ritz Crackers and Cheese Whiz....don't ya love Cheese Whiz! They were pretty yummy, but then, we eat any and everything at Power Lab!

Every day at the Faith Fusion finale, we receive the Daily Challenge and then we discuss it the next morning during Sonic Sing and Play. Then if we have performed one of the daily challenges we get to put a balloon in our giant beaker! It's almost over flowing!

We hope everyone makes it back tomorrow for our last day! After Faith Fusion Finale we'll all have hot dogs and ice cream, come join us, and bring a friend!

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