Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday at Power Lab

Eewweehhhhhh!!!!! Those kids have got spots all over!!! Quarantine them quickly, before it spreads.

Bible School started out with a bad case of leprosy! Every single child and even the crew leaders had it. We kept them away from the village, and wrapped them in caution tape, and you know what! Jesus came along and pronounced them ALL clean. Oops we forgot to say thank you, but one child pointed out that Jesus loves everyone, no matter what, even if they forget to say thanks.

When we finally escaped the quarantine we had a great time at Wacky Works Crafts & Missions, where we made Buddy Beakers, cool key chains to hold our Bible Buddies. We got "Fizz" today. ( That cool guy in the photo to the left.) We decorated our beakers with glitter and stickers and markers. The Wacky Crafts lady promised the crew leaders that there would be no more glitter for the rest of the week! ( Oh darn!)

During the day we also attended Cinema Science and met our fave Bible School Teacher "Chadder" and we want to know ... Who is that in the secret lab????????

Mid-morning we headed off to Test Tube Treats. The preschoolers made our special treat for us today. "Thankful Faces!" Sugar cookies, with icing backgrounds M&M eyes and nose and an orange slice mouth, some of them were frownies and some were smilies...all of them tasted very yummy!

VBS would not have been complete if we didn't stop in at Hyperspeed Games. We made giant bubbles ....a hula hoop was our bubble wand. And played other games called 10 Bubbles and Thankful Acts.

Remember :

Always be thankful!
(Colossians 3:15)

Check back tomorrow for more Power Lab Adventures!

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