Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will It Float!

No it's not an episode of David Letterman, and there were no Grinder Girls. But Professor Diane did ask us at the Faith Fusion Finale, today.....Will it float? Try this in your kitchen sink? Celery? Limes, lemons, potatoes, a unopened can of soda. Will it float or will it sink?

Of course there was a lot of singing and dancing going on, we learned "You Never Let Go", "Wherever You Go" and we sang some other great songs that you might hear on Sunday, if you join us in worship at Oak Hill. ( 10:30 AM)

Today our Bible Story was about Jesus giving Peter the courage to walk on water, and what happened when Peter's focus was distracted away from Jesus . ( I think there was some sinking goin' on that day!) The children survived the storm at sea, and only got mildly damp from the giant waves. Each child was able to summon the courage to walk on water, like Peter, but found it a whole lot more fun to sink....deep into our "ocean".

Who would have thought that 25 pounds of cornstarch and 2 1/2 gallons of water, and a little blue food coloring could be such fun. It was even therapeutic to mix it up, you had to use your hands, the spoon wouldn't work. And no, the Bible Blast Teachers do not have circulatory problems, their hands are naturally blue. Click here for a scientific explanation of the whole process

In Psalm 23 v. 4 we learned that "I will not be afraid for you are close beside me!" Sigh...that's a good thing to remember! Especially if you are the crew leader during Hyperspeed Games. Each crew was given 3 spray bottles....and the object of the game was to see how wet you could get the other crew leader. That sounds fun, doesn't it! They also did some other tricks, you'll have to ask your kids!

At Test Tube Treats we tested to see if a cherry would our grape soda pop floats (yummy ice cream)....will it float or sink? I think it got eaten before your could try it out! Hey I didn't get a cherry, not fair!

Of course in Cinema Science, the saga we asked...."Will Chadder be able to stop Smardley? The Squeaky Beaker Preschoolers told us it was really scary!!!!!! One of those Squeaky Beakers was a little Sneaky and tried her hand( er...feet) at walking on water. ( OK, she is related to the blog master /Bible Blast teacher.)

We of course went to Wacky Works Crafts and Missions....and made Oozy Slime....very cool...we're not sure what they liked best....the oozy gooey mess, or the fun noise you could make with it when you stuck it back into it's beaker!

Thank you, Jesus, for giving us the power to be BRAVE!

Hope to see you tomorrow!!!

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